Spiritual Intimacy for Wives

Growing the spiritual intimacy in your marriage can lead to a deep and meaningful connection that most couples never knew was possible. Getting there is a delicate balance of self-reflection, prayer and encouragement. Here are a few posts to help you focus on ways to grow to a new spirituality intimate connection with your husband. 


The Power of a Praying Wife

Praying for your hubby’s is a given. But I am not sure we understand how much power and blessings there is in a “praying wife”. Covering your hubby in prayer is one of the best things you can do for your marriage and as a wife.

when two become oneAre We Two or One?

The Bible tells us that when we leave our parents, and are united with our spouse, we become “one flesh”. (Ephesians 5:31) So we are one, yet there is still clearly two of us in this marriage. How does the one flesh thing work and is it only symbolic?

Pleasing Him -Who, What and How!

Selfishness is a real stumbling block in our marriages. The self-centered nature that says, “what I want and what I need is most important.” We have seen this kind of thinking wreak havoc in our own marriage at times and we have learned that in marriage where you put your focus very much impacts your marriage.

The Imposter Wife

Author Brennan Manning talks about how we all have an “imposter” within us. The imposter wants very much to run the show, to be selfish, to act irrationally and to prove that we are good enough to sit at Christ’s feet. We as wives and humans in general can resonate with this. This imposter is different for each of us wives, it feeds on our weaknesses, it is either a “poser” a “faker” or a “wannabe”. It knows where to hit us hardest. So which one are you? Which do you struggle with, being a poser wife, a faker wife or a wannabe wife?

Wife = Picture of Church?

We have shared many times from Ephesians 5, as it is our basis for our One Flesh Marriage blog and ministry. I personally have come to love the book of Ephesians and spend a great deal of time in it. I recently have been chatting with God over these scriptures in Ephesians…

My Husband is a Greek God

Have you ever looked at your hubby and thought, “Now that is fine piece of artwork -mmhmm!” That can be with or without clothes on, of course. I know I have, often. God has placed a desire within me for my husband and I find him phenomenally attractive. Almost like a Greek God statue! I will spare you the details of describing said statue. I wonder what other characteristics and expectations we wives place on our husbands that are God like in nature?

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