Two Become One Flesh

One Flesh Marriage is the title of our blog because we believe this the ideal that God has created for all marriages! Over our time together we have learned that this is not a destination it is a journey! We hope that you are on that journey! Regardless if you are just starting, restarting, or been in marriage bliss for years the ideas of a One Flesh Marriage are always something to strive towards. Here are just a few posts we have written to help you on the journey!

Are We Two or One?

The Bible tells us that when we leave our parents, and are united with our spouse, we become “one flesh”. (Ephesians 5:31) So we are one, yet there is still clearly two of us in this marriage. How does the one flesh thing work and is it only symbolic?

To Be Known . . . Completely!

Here at OFM we are always throwing around the word “intimacy”. I get the sense from those we talk to that this word is very misunderstood and a bit baffling! There are times we may think we know what it means and then times we are so utterly confused. What is intimacy anyway?

Secrets, Privacy & One Flesh Marriage

Have you ever tried to keep a secret from yourself? “I’m going to eat this extra dessert, I just won’t tell myself in the morning!” If only that worked, right! We can not turn off our brains in order to keep something secret from ourselves, but I know many men who regularly turn off their one flesh connection to keep secrets from their wife. If it is not possible to keep a secret from ourselves, then why would you keep a secret from your wife who you are supposed to be one flesh with?

Rocky Intimacy and Intimacy Rocks

How do we journey to One Flesh intimacy with our hubby’s? Intimacy is intended to be the ultimate level of relationship with your hubby. Many of us start our marriage on smooth ground feeling like intimacy comes easy! For some that is true, for others it is simply a “just married mirage” that will dissolve fairly quickly when reality hits. For others their marriage never saw the smooth terrain and started in the rocks and rough ground. Getting through the humps and rocky terrain that leads to intimacy can be difficult. But when you do, you will look back over the hard messy terrain and know in an instant that you would go through it all over again, to get where you are now with your hubby!

The Radical Wife

How many of you wives out there have something in your life you are passionate about? Something that lights an internal flame that demands your attention? A God prompting zeal that sets in motion a whole chain of events? I do! God has done this several times in my life and each time I am in awe of how excited I am to be led into this new area God has called me! Ladies, in my life I am done with the safe way of doing things!

Remember Your Swear Words

We all said them. We stood there before our wife and swore. Do you remember what you even said? No, I’m not talking angry swear words, I’m talking about those words that you said to her on the day she first became your wife, the wedding vows that you took before God, your new bride, and a whole lot of other people.

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