Our Story

Welcome to One Flesh Marriage! We are glad that you stopped by. We wanted to share with you a little about ourselves, where we have been and where we are headed!

The Story Begins

Brad and I started dating during Brad’s senior year and my sophomore year. I was 16 and Brad was 17. Was it love at first sight? I’m not sure that is possible in High School. Regardless, we were drawn to one another and started dating. We were Christians when we met and on fire for Jesus, but still babies in our faith.

We continued dating through college, both going to different colleges. Brad attended MeOne flesh, biblical oneness is how we felt. God rained down his blessing of oneness on Brad and me though this season in our lives. Through trials, prayer, fasting and seeking, God answered us!

God also placed a burden on our hearts for couples seeking to have a Christ-centered, one flesh marriage! It is out of that burden and much prayer that, One Flesh Marriage Ministries was born. This is God’s ministry and we are just attempting to share how He has led us, and how he transformed our marriage. We still have more to learn in the journey toward a one flesh marriage! We are excited to share with you a piece of that journey. We hope you join us!

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Brad and Kate now have three children. Kate is currently a stay at home mom and is homeschooling their children. She also has a photography business, Kate Aldrich Photography, which she enjoys in her spare time. Brad works as the Pastor of Small Groups and re|engage Marriage Ministry at The Worship Center in Lancaster, PA.  Brad and Kate are passionate about Jesus, worship, their marriage, Africa (specifically Ethiopia, where there second son was born) and their kiddos! They live in Lancaster County, PA


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