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Hope to Surrender

Kate says . . .

The CMBA 13.1 blog challenge was just that for us, a challenge. Brad and I are not used to blogging every day, but it was fun to step into that and give it a try. We enjoyed diving into your questions! Through the 13 posts we have been asked many other questions. We will, over time address other questions that have come our way, thanks for sharing them with us.

While you were all enjoying our marathon, we had the awesome opportunity of joining the ministry team at Hope at Home for their adoption/foster conference. It was an amazing weekend! We were blown away, by the Hope at Home crew, the people attending, Northlands Church (the host church) and most of all by God’s working! In all things, God can give us all that we need. He can meet every need. We want to encourage you, if you are an adoptive or foster family PLEASE consider being a part of Hope at Home next year! The dates are already set for September 27-28, 2013. I know that for many of you it might be a bit of a hike to Atlanta, Georgia, but you won’t be sorry! Pray about it and if God wants you there-he will find and path a way! Hope at Home 2013!

“Your YES is not to the call (adopting /fostering or anything else), but to the One who calls!” Beth Templeton from Hope at Home

The other great joy we had over the 4 days, was precious time with Scott and Jenni Means of Journey to Surrender! Brad and I had the first opportunity to sit in on their breakout and hear them talk on marriage. We are used to reading Scott’s posts, but this was a treat for us and we were ready to soak it all up (even though he told us to chime in as well)! They were A-mazing! Their hearts for marriage shine through the gift of teaching God has given them. So much so, that we wanted to say that, if you are not already reading Scott’s blog, Journey to Surrender, you SHOULD be!!! The wisdom of year and God’s leading is immeasurable. You can find Scott on Facebook and Twitter as well. Jenni does not blog often (though when she does, it is fantastic) but she has a heart for children’s ministry. Jenni is a part of No More Crumbs Ministries where she shares her heart, and vision to help children understand that they can have a real, living relationship with our Savior from a very young age. She encouraged and teaches them in ways they can talk to and hear from God. Great stuff and much needed for our children today. Scott and Jenni are dear friends and we are so thankful for them. No reason to wait-check out Journey to Surrender right now!

We will back to our regular blogging next post!

Did you attend Hope at Home? If so share with us below about your time there!

Have you read Scott’s blog? If so share with us and then hop on over and leave an encouraging comment for Scott and Jenni-bless them today!

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