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The Importance of . . . Friends

Kate says . . .

“I feel totally alone. No one out there knows exactly how I feel and this place is so dark and cold!”

No matter whether you have a rock solid marriage or one that is in desperate need of healing, we have all felt alone at some point. As Brad shared in his last post, Marriage Island, we were created to do life and marriage in community with others. While I believe that deep down, most of us desire to do life with others we often shy away. It feels easier to isolate, because then you will not have to be open and vulnerable.gossiping

We wives are women! Amen, right?!? God created men and women for relationship, but we are very different in how we relate. It is important that we find a group of women that we can relate to, share our joys and struggles, encourage each other, pray with and for each other and go deep with. Do you have such a group? Or do you find that you have surface level relationships? What is keeping you from this special blessing?

Our blessings can also be our pitfalls

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A Wife Centered on Jesus

Kate says . . . Brad’s last post, “What’s Influencing Your Needle?” brought up some excellent points for hubby’s to think about. I always like to think of Jesus as my CENTER. When I stray from that I end up allowing other things in my life to become the center for periods of time. There… Continue Reading