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You Look Great! No I Don’t

Brad says…

Husband; “Wow, Hun you look great.” Wife; “No I don’t.” Every guy I know says that they have had this conversation with their wife countless times. Kate’s post, “I’m Not Attracted to My Husband Anymore“, and my still wildly popular “I Don’t Find My Wife Attractive Anymore” brought up the extremes of dealing with attraction. This is a battle that almost every couple has. Eventually one of two things happens. Either the wife finally starts to believe her husband and takes the compliment. Or, sick of fighting it the husband stops telling her all together.

Expect Her DenialGirl

The comment that your wife makes isn’t just fishing for more compliments and it isn’t calling you a liar. Her response is not intended to hurt you at all. It is usually based out of years of training to not appreciate the way that she looks. It may take years of “unlearning” before she will stop the immediate come back. Here are a few ways you can help her take the compliment

Speak Up Specifically

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