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Becoming a Wife Unveiled

Kate says . . .

It doesn’t take much for me to be transported back to that young bride of 22 who has only been married for about a year. A young wife who deeply wanted to have the marriage she had hoped and yet was struggling. Sex being the biggest part of that struggle.

I very much wanted to desire my husband and at the same time struggled with desire. I felt deeply broken, I felt like something was wrong with me. We were so super charged and ready before we got married, what was wrong with me? The darkness threatened to overwhelm me every day.

I was that women, broken in darkness and feeling completely alone. Isolated and putting on a good “marriage game” face when I had to.unveiled wife

We were two people who loved God and wanted Him to be our everything in marriage. And yet we felt so alone. Both individually and together as a couple struggling with sex in our marriage. It was not the only thing we struggled with, but because of the struggle for intimacy-every other struggle was magnified. Continue Reading

Holding On To Love

Brad says… Love is a complicated subject to wrap your hands around. Ask a dozen people what love is and you will get a dozen answers. Love is feeling cared for Love is feeling safe Love is that fluttery feeling in your stomach Love is commitment Love is sacrifice The problem is that love is… Continue Reading