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Emotionally Protecting Your Man

Kate says . . .

We think them strong and certainly less emotional than we consider ourselves. It is drilled into us that men desire respect because it is at the core of how God made them and while that is truth, God also made them with emotions. They may not express them the way we do and they may not have a word for each emotion they are feeling, but they are still there. Even if they struggle to identify them. My amazing hubby has clued me in that men usually will describe emotions in their lives as one of four things . . . happy, frustrated, angry and sometimes sad. The emotions are there are we as their wives has the privilege of protecting our husband emotionally. I have learned over the years that giving Brad a safe outlet for his emotions and protecting that is a special thing.Protecting your man

Here are the things I see happening when I protect Brad emotionally:

  • It grows and strengthens our emotional intimacy.
  • It continually teaches me things about Brad and how to care for him.
  • It shows Brad that I care deeply for who he is, who God has made him to be.  Not pressuring him to be something he isn’t.

Wandering what I mean?  Here are a few ways that I protect Brad emotionally Continue Reading

7 Realities of “Us”

Kate says (and Brad seconds) . . . So there are those moments when someone will say to me, “So do you and Brad ever have marriage problems?” or “Wow, it must be nice to have everything figured out in marriage!” of “So, now that you have a good marriage, is it still so much… Continue Reading