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He is not a Kid

Kate says . . .

“He is like having another kid!” All too often I have heard a wife say this, after an exasperated sigh about her husband!

Honestly in the beginning of our marriage, when we had our first child, there were times I felt this way. Yet when I married Brad, I had no feelings of him being a child! I married him because I was in love with him, he was incredibly handsome and sexy and I wanted to share my life with him! I never thought of him as another kid!Baby_Shaving

Along Comes Baby

For me the struggle came when we had our first child. I was overly tired, stressed and trying to figure out my new roles in our family. Before kids, Brad and I just shared household responsibilities and to be honest there was never a real struggle.  After though, I always felt like I was fighting the losing battle of dirty dishes and laundry, not to mention vacuuming and keeping our room looking like adults lived there too. My expectations had changed, because our family was changing and I was unable to keep up. I began to see piles of things Brad would leave around and grumble.

Once a baby entered our family, I somehow thought it was time for Brad to read my mind and know what needed to be done without asking. Because when you have a child, your husband is given mind reading capabilities, right? 🙂

I know that this is a huge struggle for many of you. It is probably one of the top things I hear when talking to wives. They say if their husbands helped our around the house more, they would be more willing to have sex. (Be careful what you say, because you have to be willing to carry though with that deal, wives!)

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Fix My Broken Brain

Brad says… I’ve discovered that men’s brains cannot be trusted. No that isn’t an insult, it is true. The most important part of our body is utterly flawed. Every time something doesn’t go well in our marriage our brain tries to trick us into thinking the worst possible thing about the one we love.  “She never wants to have… Continue Reading

The Original Two

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Forever Family

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Momma Had A Baby

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