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You’re Not My Mom!

Brad says…

Kate’s post “He’s Not a Kid” got me thinking about how I acted earlier in our marriage. There were absolutely times that I was not the man who Kate needed. If I’m honest there were times that I was being a kid. As Kate admitted, there were times that she treated me like a kid, but there were lots of other time when she probably could have.quarrel

No man wants to feel like their wife is treating them like their mother did. When we hear the nagging, complaining, and unmet expectations we feel lousy. Combine that with feeling like your mother just moved in and is treating you like a kid and it stinks!

Maybe you’re expecting the “man up” speech from me, but you’ve heard that one before. This time I’m going for the practical. What do you do when you hear that nagging voice and finger wagging look comes across your wife’s face? How do you respond?

4 Ways you can you feel like a man when your wife is treating you like a kid

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