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Marriage Friendly Church

Brad says… I dream of a day when there are as many Marriage Pastors as their currently are Youth Pastors. Youth pastors are important, don’t get me wrong, but I dream of the day when the church pays as much attention to the ministry of marriage as they do the other parts of the family….

Sex: Your Parents Style

To celebrate OFM’s 2nd birthday we are answering the top 6 reader’s questions: Question #4 – How do I shake off what I was taught about sex and intimacy by my family and church? Kate says… Brad and I always laugh when we think back to our first couple of months of dating. My mom…

A Marriage Encouraging Church

Brad says… If marriage is the foundation, the rock on which a family is to stand, why is it that most churches do such a poor job supporting it? Marriage ministry is not easy, but it makes me very sad that for many churches marriage ministry consists of premarital meetings with the pastor and weekly…

Mens Guide to Spiritually Lead Your Wife & Family

Brad says… Kate’s most recent post, “Pleasing Him, Who, What and How!” encouraged wives to make sure that they were focusing not only on pleasing their husband and their family, but placing the center of their focus on Christ.  There has been quite a bit said on other marriage blogs recently about those big words…

You Can Be An Iron Man

Brad says… Being a Godly husband is not an easy task. Day in and day out we have to stand strong against the influences of the world and of our own sinful tendencies. It is easy to take two steps forward in your marriage only to find the next week you have retreated two or…

The Marriage Pastor

Brad says… In my last post, “Is Marriage Important to the Church?” I talked about how many churches don’t seem to know what to do with marriage ministry. My challenge was, with your help to develop a possible job description for the role of Marriage Pastor. Every church should have an active thriving marriage ministry….

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