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Love Links 2

Kate says . . .

Awesome Marriage stuff this week:OFM Love Links

Reader Question: How Do I Resist Having Sex with My Fiance? – The Question I remember asking ourselves and I think so many others are as well.  Great thoughts from Sheila over at, To Love, Honor and Vacuum!

The Alabaster Jar – Jolene is running a great series for the month of October.  So many good posts from wives!  Check them out!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – Scott shares of the importance of staying connected during seasons of travel and separation.  Such a great post!

 Porn is Poison to Real Sex – Paul takes on this important topic to share some new findings

The Me in Me – Scott reviews a great book, Grace Filled Marriage, by Tim Kimmel.  Brad is 1/2 way through this one and loves it already. He’ll be posting a review myself sometime soon, in the mean time check out Scott’s!




Running A Marriage Marathon

Kate says… When we entered the world of Christian marriage blogging, we knew that God was asking us to share our journey and our hearts. When we started One Flesh marriage 2 years ago we had no idea where marriage blogging would take us and the amazing people we would meet. Over the past 2… Continue Reading