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Stress and the Men who Hate It!

Brad says…

Fact: Life will through stress your way. Fact 2: men and women deal with stress very differently

Many a couple have tripped up over these two facts and it has taken weeks, months or years for them to find their way back together again.

Men, when we are under stress we tend to do one of two things, we do the “Man Thing”, or the “One Thing”.  The man thing is the typical thing that we do, when we retreat into ourselves zone out on (pick your poison): video games, tv, alcohol… and probably bark at noisy kids or a questioning wife. I’ll be totally honest, this is almost a default setting for most men when we get stressed, myself included. We don’t even think about it, we just retreat and get grouchy.

The other choice, is just that a choice. We have to actually think about our desire to be one flesh with our wives in the good times and the bad times. We have to actually challenge ourselves to jump out of the man way and try something new.

The best way we can deal with stress is to simply go to our wives and talk about it. Get it out there. Yeah, I know I’ve heard all the arguments on, “I don’t want to burden her”, or “She doesn’t need to be stressed about it too”.  I totally understand those, but let’s face it you retreating is going to leave her stressed and wondering what is going on too. Talking together about it at least gives you both the chance to be on the same page. Continue Reading

Feelings vs. Truth

Kate says, You are in the moment and you are hurt or angry. You feel justified. Perhaps you are remembering something from the past and, snap, just like that the emotions are right there as if it happened yesterday. You are caught up in those feelings and can’t seem to see a clear way out.… Continue Reading