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Down the Drain

Brad Says…

One of my least favorite chores is cleaning out the shower drain. That stinking ball of gray goo that clogs up the flow ever few months is not fun to remove. I hate it so much that often I’ll ignore the signs that it needs to be done.

The last few weeks the water was draining slower and slower. At first I just made believe that all our kids’ feet really needed the extra soaking. It’s good for them, am I right?

Eventually I started to notice that there was a ring of filth surrounding the tub every time one of the kids got out of the shower. Rather than the drain doing its work and removing the dirty water, it was holding it there; making an even bigger visible mess that everyone could now see.

As I finally decided to find the grabber tool thingy you need to clean out the gunk (what is that thing called anyway?) I recognized there is a marriage lesson in this huge ball of goo.Down the Drain

Clean Out the Drain

I hear from many men that they feel like their wife will get on them for everything. They “can’t do anything right”. Every conversation leaves them with a ring of dirt and filth around the drain.

Part of the problem here is that your marriage has become clogged.

Conflict is Normal

You see it is perfectly normal that you will have disagreements. It is normal that you might be 10 minutes late getting home from work, it is normal that you won’t say the right thing or notice the way you should really be helping with the kids or the dishes tonight. Continue Reading

1 Thousand Little Choices

Brad says… Every day we make choices. It might not feel like it, because we can get so used to life “as is” that we float through it without much thought. Even so, in the mindless moments there are a million tiny choices that we make every day. It Starts With A Choice Call it… Continue Reading

Lose Your But

Brad says… “I’m sorry” are two of the most difficult words in the English language. In the list of husband’s favorite activities, saying “I’m sorry” ranks at the bottom right below handing over the TV remote, and watching Lifetime (which somehow seem to go together). “I’m sorry” is such a difficult thing to say that… Continue Reading