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Day 4 – Date Night-in

Kate says . . .

During the challenge, it is so important to connect on all levels. Find quiet times where you can talk to each other, hold hands and look into each other’s eyes and just connect. I believe we used to call that a date, before we were married and even newly married.

Making dating a priority with a budget can be difficult. Even more so if you have kids that need a babysitter. We have certainly felt this tug in our marriage and yet still wanted and needed our special time together.10-Day-Challenge-day-4

Our solution has been to once a week, feed the kids dinner (sit with them and talk about their day), then tuck them into bed. After they are all set, we have a nice quiet dinner just the two of us. We call it our “Dinner-Date Nights.”  They are at home in the quiet of our kitchen or living room, while our kids are asleep upstairs. It is a great way to connect each week and to have “us” time. Continue Reading

Marriage Retreat

Kate says . . . Have ever been on a marriage retreat? If so you know that they can be a great catalyst for encouraging and challenging your marriage. A new movie, Marriage Retreat, takes you on a journey with three couples as they embark on a marriage retreat. It is a fun, lighthearted movie… Continue Reading