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4 Ways to Stop Using the “D” Word in Your Marriage

Kate says . . .

There are times in every marriage when frustration mounts or hurts develop to the point where we want to say to our spouse “THIS IS SERIOUS!!!” As Brad shared in his post, “Delete the D Word” we feel the need to get out the gigantic highlighter and make our spouse aware of how serious we are. When things get tough, many times we don’t know how to express our concerns, and it comes off in a moment of frustration and the ability to hurt, in the word – divorce.d word

Yes, it communicates something is wrong, but it also impacts your marriage greatly hurting the safety and security of your covenant relationship. So what else can you to when you feel the need to get out the gigantic highlighter with your spouse? What can we do that will express our concern and at the same time our desire to grow through this challenge together? Continue Reading