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The Reality & Truth About Sexual Sin in Marriage

Kate says . . .

We champion them. We herald them our heroes. We watch as they share their faith in bold ways, standing out against the crowd. They inspire us. We see them everywhere-friends, neighbors, family, pastors, leaders, authors, performers, actors, singers-they stand firm in Jesus and we love them for it.

Then one of them steps into the world of sexual sin. Suddenly we are disgusted, claiming how much they have hurt the kingdom and those around them.

We simply cannot stop and see the hurt and brokenness in these one time heroes.

It is my hope that we as a church who are followers of Jesus, can choose to look and respond to those around us who are struggling with sexual sin in a different, yet Biblical way.hurting people often hurt others. It doesn’t

Before I go any further, I want to define what I mean by sexual sin in marriage. The sexual sin I’m referring to is, seeking sex with another consenting adult who is not your spouse, including but not limited to pornography, online relationships and affairs.

Understanding broken people

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