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Are You Sexually Selfish?

Kate says . . . Do you think Adam and Eve had to work at sexual compatibility? Do you think there were times of confusion and differences? I think so, they were human after all. They just weren’t bogged down by a sinful nature. Adam and Eve did not experience the sin of selfishness. When… Continue Reading

My Husband is a Greek God

Kate says . . . Have you ever looked at your hubby and thought, “Now that is fine piece of artwork -mmhmm!”  That can be with or without clothes on, of course.  I know I have, often.  God has placed a desire within me for my husband and I find him phenomenally attractive.  Almost like a… Continue Reading

Look at My Sacrifice

Brad says. Growing up in the  church I was always taught that sacrifice was a good thing, that is was a model to live up to.  Now that I’m a husband I’m not so sure.  I have a problem with sacrifice.  It isn’t doing it, my problem with sacrifice is what comes after. Don’t trip… Continue Reading

Secrets, Privacy & One Flesh Marriage

Brad says… Have you ever tried to keep a secret from yourself? “I’m going to eat this extra dessert, I just won’t tell myself in the morning!” If only that worked, right! We can not turn off our brains in order to keep something secret from ourselves, but I know many men who regularly turn… Continue Reading