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Christmas is Made for Marriage

Brad says… Christmas, at least the American way of celebrating it, has become completely geared towards kids. There are the kids activities, the Christmas concerts, the letters to Santa, not to mention the toy advertisements everywhere you look.  Lets face it, kids at Christmas time are a ton of fun! There is simply nothing like… Continue Reading

What Does Your Spouse Want?

Today we want to share with you a great guest post from Matthew from Adventure-Some blog.  You can learn more about Matthew and his blog at the end of the post.  Enjoy! Matthew says, Do you know what you could buy your spouse for a gift, right now? If there wasn’t a gift-giving holiday coming… Continue Reading

The Guy’s Gift Guide to Wow Your Wife

Brad says… Shopping is not often on the list of favorite activities for most guys!  Yet, ever year we trudge out to the mall looking for the gift that will bring that special “wow” smile to our wife’s face!  Most guys loath Christmas shopping, and unfortunately guys, just going is not a gift.  We also need to… Continue Reading