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Hubby’s Down Time

Kate says . . .

Wives, I think we are all on common ground when we talk about the challenging balance of encouraging vs. being frustrated with our husband’s hobbies and down time. When you were reading Brad’s post, Marriage on Minecraft, you were probably thinking, “what about us?” As women we are able to multi task and have many things on our minds at one time. It is hard for us to stop and relax even when we need or want to. We keep going and going and going from the time our head comes off the pillow until the time it plops back down again. So when we see our husband relaxing and taking some time for just themselves. It is easy to stew and become frustrated, angry and eventually resentful.

In reality it all comes down to control and what we want. Doesn’t it?

Here are a four ideas to keep in mind when dealing with the dynamic that all marriages deal with:

He is an adultDownTime

At the risk of sounding redundant . . . he is an adult. It is not the same as limiting your kids with their TV or screen time. He needs to know that you respect him, that you acknowledge that his need for down time and that you respect his hobbies.

What he enjoys may not be what you enjoy

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Marriage on Minecraft

Brad says… Minecraft is an addictingly simple computer game that is all the rage in 8 to 12-year-old boys. Since I have 2 of those I recently have done the fatherly things of falling under its clutches too. As I’ve fallen under Mincraft’s spell I’ve learned a few marriage lessons that I wanted to pass… Continue Reading