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New Years Revolution 2013

Kate says . . .

It’s that time of year when so many people are resolved to bring about change in their lives for the coming year. I think every one of us has found ourselves doing just this, even if we don’t verbalize it. “I really wish things were different; I really want to change.” I believe we instinctually know that change needs to come from us. That when life is not really turning out the way we thought it would, we are a huge part of that equation. Even if we never admit it to anyone but ourselves -we know it!Marriage Resolutions

Sooo what is it about yourself that you know you need to improve, change, omit or delete from your life? Of course I am thinking on the marriage spectrum here, because all of these things affect your one flesh marriage connection. If you sit and ponder the things you know need to change-they greatly affect your marriage.

Here are a few things I have been pondering that can benefit every wife out there. Though I am not sure there is a wife alive, at a loss for a new year’s change. Continue Reading

Christmas 2012

Kate says . . . . As we sat in our Christmas service Sunday morning, I was thinking of all you out there that are on a one flesh journey with your spouse. The Christmas season comes and so does the awesome opportunity to celebrate the greatest story ever with your spouse, kids, family and… Continue Reading