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3 Things That Will Keep Your Marriage Stuck

Kate says  . . .

It’s happening again. That pattern or cycle you swore you’d never do again. And thus you have slipped back into the rut you thought for sure you were out of. There are many things that can keep us stuck in a deep rut in our marriage. I was thinking about the themes we often see in couples, that keep them from moving forward. Here are the themes we see over and over and over again.3 Things That Will Keep Your Marriage Stuck

The I is more important than the we

Your feelings, your side of the story, your emotions, your perspective, you, you, you! This is the theme that we seek screaming the loudest in every couple that is stuck. The plague of the “I.” Selfishness at its prime. Yet while each spouse is completely focused on the self, they are unable to turn inward to self reflect on their part in the situation. They choose not to focus on what they need to work on or change. This my friends is a guarantee to keep you in a rut and to discourage you to no end. In order for the “we” to be more important than the “I” in marriage, you have to stop being selfish and focus on how you can change you! Continue Reading