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Emotional Lust

Kate says . . .

 “But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5:28 NLT)

I am thinking that many of you have heard this verse before. Jesus is speaking specifically to men, to husbands about something he knows will be a struggle. Even though this verse is directed toward guys, I feel that it has a great deal to say to us wives as well. I always want to be very careful not to take a scripture out of context or add something that is not there. So when I say that there is a lot to learn here, I believe it is consistent with the flip side for women.

For use women lust over the visual tends to be less of an issue, though we can get caught up in the looking at men other than our spouse. The truth is that other person is not for us to admire at length. But my post today really isn’t about that.lava heart

I Wish…

How many times have you caught yourself thinking:

  • I wish my husband would bring me flowers like her’s does.
  • I wish my husband would care about my every emotion with tenderness and love.
  • I wish my husband would listen to me and snuggle with me more.
  • I wish my husband were more like . . . . Mr. Darcy!  🙂

Have you ever found yourself pining over a character in a book or movie who is just so romantic and caring and thoughtful? Perhaps it gets even more personal than that, maybe he is the husband of a friend or colleague, and you find yourself imagining life with that man. That my friends is “emotional lust”.

The dictionary definition of lust is:

“1) An Intense or unrestrained sexual craving, or
2) An overwhelming desire or craving.”

Hmm, when we have an overwhelming desire for our emotions to be met by someone other than our hubby, we are lusting after something that isn’t ours. It is no different from a husband who wants more sex and intimacy and is lusting over another women physically. Continue Reading

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Ogle Away!

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