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7 Reasons Marriage Rocks

Brad says,

Kate’s post, 7 Reasons I Love Being Married added to the list of people stepping forward to shout to the hilltops why marriage is awesome! Our culture often has a mindset that marriage will be good for the first few years, but after you leave the honeymoon phase that blah is just normal.

Well, I want to add my voice and shout out 7 reasons why my marriage rocks. I also want to challenge all of you, if you can’t make this list then figure out what you need to do to allow your marriage to grow till you can join the chorus too. Marriage wasn’t designed to be blah, it is designed to rock!

1. Marriage fills in the gaps

Kate excels in many areas where I am totally weak. I won’t use any cheese ball lines like “she completes me” because honestly no one but Jesus can complete me. However, I am constantly amazed at how Kate seems to fill in and excel in all of the places where I don’t do very well!lp-2014valentines-mdesign

2. Marriage is my shield

I don’t care who you are, this world is littered with temptation. Opportunities for our eyes and minds to stray are all over the place. I know that my strong relationship with Kate is a shield to many temptations even approaching my vision. My friends and colleagues will tell you that I frequently am talking about Kate. I do this because she is important to me and frequently on my mind, but also because I want to let everyone else know how much I love this woman! Without that shield I don’t even want to think about the temptations that would enter my world.

3. Marriage is my exit ramp Continue Reading