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Top 10 Quotes of #MMconf15

Brad and Kate say…

We have had a great time at day 2 of the Marriage Ministry Conference. We have heard from some amazing leaders who are passionate about preaching and teaching marriage in the local church.

There has been so much good stuff that we decided to just give you the top 10 nuggets we are walking away with today…m2conf2015


When God heals a marriage it blesses our children! Susan Cox shared her amazing story of marriage redemption and how one change led to ripples of changes around the world.


Marriage Ministry is a great side door to the church. People might not come on a weekend, but if their relationship is in trouble they will! John McGee shared that the church needs to be the hospital and university for marriage.


Three things change a marriage, God’s Word, God’s People & God’s Spirit. – Susan Cox


A Prayer for Husbands, “Let my wife define beauty for me forever!” Gary Thomas shared this as an amazing prayer that every man should be praying to support a radical exclusivity in our marriages.


The church better be, should be, MUST be about restoring marriages. – Scott Kedersha


I want us to care about our sexual relationships as much as God does! – Gary Thomas gave some amazing insights on the importance of our sexual intimacy in marriage.


If God looked at nothing but how you treat your spouse in bed, would he say, “Well done my good and faithful servant”? Gary Thomas


“God did not give you your marriage to beat you down and to suck the life out of you so that you’d be more like Jesus.” Ted Cunningham shared how we need to make sure we tell couples there is life and happiness in marriage.


“When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence there is a septic leak over there! Stay home and water your own lawn” Ted Cunningham.


“We can’t let sex die in our churches” – Gary Thomas

“We teach kids that sex is bad, dirty, and don’t touch that. The wedding day doesn’t erase that.” Ted Cunningham.

We are looking forward to another great day tomorrow! You can follow us on twitter as we live tweet the conference at #mmconf15.


Marriage Matters

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