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Choose to Believe

Kate says . . .

I think I can safely say we have all been there. You know the moment when your hubby says;

“You’re so beautiful!”

“You look stunning!”

“You are sexy and I desire you!”

There is a moment where we either take in what they have said or we dismiss it immediately because it cannot possibly be true. I think many wives go right to dismissing their husband’s praise of their physical beauty for several reasons.

You Don’t Believe it Yourself

You are beautifulWhat woman on this planet doesn’t have self-esteem issues? I know that I have had my fair share through the years and even though I am a confident woman in who God has created me to be, I would be remiss to say that I won’t ever deal with it in the future.

Having doubts at times about being beautiful, is normal. Staying in this mindset and feeling that you are unattractive and unworthy of your husband’s praise, is not good and will build walls in your marriage.

In order to be able to more past such thoughts and feelings you need to ask yourself, “what keeps these feelings of unworthiness going? What are the things that have so bruised your soul that you cannot see yourself for the beauty God created you as?” Those are the things you need to identify and seek to heal in Jesus.

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