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Great Sexual Pleasure

Brad says…

In a rare turn of events I’m writing this post to all of the wives…

There is a fire that burns inside of every husband. It is a desire that is at least as strong as the desire to have sex with his wife. He may not speak about it often, but he will chase this desire every time he is in bed with you. It is the desire to give you great sexual pleasure.

Ooooo Oooo Ooooo!Fire heart

There is nothing like the sight and sound of your wife’s sexual pleasure. Seeing her enjoy sex is honestly as good, or at least almost as good as enjoying it yourself. Being able to bring you pleasure through his touch is something that every husband longs for. Your sexual satisfaction can bring him a feeling of great pleasure and even pride. He will feel strong, powerful, vigorous and manly. All emotions that husbands needs to feel now and again!

Missing the Mark

Many of the different things we try in the bedroom are rooted in our desire to find the right combination of touches that unlocks the hidden treasure of your sexual pleasure. Kiss here, touch this, rub that, brush, kiss, push, repeat.

Many husbands don’t have a clue what will bring about those magic feelings, but we sure want to try to make it happen! This is especially true if sexual intimacy is something that is not as frequent as we would like it to be. We think, “If I was a better lover, and I could just bring my wife sexual pleasure then she would want to have sex more often”. Continue Reading

The Elusive Orgasm

Kate says . . . News Flash:  ALL marriages deal with sexual intimacy issues! I know this is probably not news to you, because if you are married you have already discovered this reality!  Let me be the first to say, it is normal and does not have to be a negative.  We all will… Continue Reading

For Her Pleasure

Brad says: Kate’s post “It Will Make You Feel Good” challenged wives with 5 specific steps they should take if they were finding that sex was not enjoyable. These are all very important steps that any wife who wants to increase their sexual enjoyment should try for themselves. Husbands on the other hand need a… Continue Reading

Search for the Missing Big O

Brad says… We have just ended our 5 blogger’s 5 questions series,  a week of talking about developing and growing your sexual intimacy so I thought it would be a great time to talk about orgasm!  And yes this is Brad talking to all the husbands out there about The Big O! Orgasm!  Not your’s… Continue Reading