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Brad says…

13 years ago today (6/20/99) I was standing at the front of a church waiting to see my beautiful bride walk down the aisle. We were surrounded by friends and family, but now looking back I wish that some of those friends would have sat us down and asked us some hard questions. Kate and I had been dating for more then 6 years, so we knew each other very well. We were both convinced that God had called us to be united. However, both of us entered marriage with completely unrealistic expectations of marriage and of each other.

Now 13 years later Kate and I are attending a great Marriage Ministry Training Conference at Watermark Church in Dallas TX. The church’s premarital pastor, Scott Kedersha (@skedersha) talked about helping couples make the second most important decision in their life. The decision of who you are going to marry is second only to the decision to follow Christ. Watermark doesn’t view their premarital programs as helping a couple get married right, they see all their premarital ministry as a way for a couple to discern IF they are ready to be married.

Scott relayed a question he asks couples, “are you ready to stop flirting.” That’s a great question that many couples really need to evaluate, even after they have been married!

Are You A Flirt?

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The Traditions of Adam

Brad says… In Kate’s post, “Out of these Ashes” she talked to wives about how their past can create a barrier between them and their husband.  I hope that all of you took time to read that post, because there is a lot in there for both wives and husbands. We all have “past” that were… Continue Reading