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4 Ways to Pursue Your Wife

Brad says…

Pursue – (v.) to follow and try to catch or capture someone for usually a long distance or time. Every wife wants to be pursued by her husband, and yet all too often we neglect the mission. Kate’s post, 5 Ways to Initiate with Your Husband gave wives important things they need to be doing, today I want to follow-up with ideas for the guys.

The dating stage of your relationship is naturally filled with pursuing activities. We want our wives to know that we are interested in them. Unfortunately, as I talked about in one of my early posts, many men feel like we can stop pursuing after the wedding because “we’ve caught them right?Pursue My Wife

Pursuing your wife tells her you are invested, you are interested, you care and you want her! Yes, pursuit has some elements of sexual energy in it, but it isn’t all sex. If you are just pursuing your wife for sex you are doing it wrong! You need to pursue her mind, her heart, her soul & her body!

Pursue Her Mind

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