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Shaved Legs, Yoga Pants and Impractical Underthings

Kate says, In the spirit of preparing for the 10 Day Challenge, I thought it would be fun for wives to think about what we wear (and don’t wear) that has an effect you and your hubby. In case you haven’t heard, we are planning our annual 10 Day SEX Challenge leading up to Valentine’s day. That’s right… Continue Reading

Fix My Broken Brain

Brad says… I’ve discovered that men’s brains cannot be trusted. No that isn’t an insult, it is true. The most important part of our body is utterly flawed. Every time something doesn’t go well in our marriage our brain tries to trick us into thinking the worst possible thing about the one we love.  “She never wants to have… Continue Reading

Ogle Away!

Brad says… Kate’s last post, “Eye Catching Modesty in Marriage” did a really awesome job talking about two very different issues, appropriate dress in the bedroom and outside of it! (Not just bragging on my wife here but I think it is a really awesome post!)  I wanted to continue this theme in my follow-up… Continue Reading

Eye Catching Modesty in Marriage

Kate says . . . All too often girls and women in our society share way too much of what was created for their husbands eyes only before their marriage.  However, once married some embrace sharing their bodies with their husband while others hardly bare anything at all!  How do we become wives who are eye-catching to… Continue Reading

Is Your Spare Tire Making Your Life Flat?

Brad says… Kate’s post “Image is Everything” was a great challenge to wives on how to make sure they are “looking good for who they are supposed to look good for” (their husband) but are not over focusing and being consumed by a worldly standard of appearance. Reading her post has me thinking about two things,… Continue Reading