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Practical Obedience

Kate says . . . After my last post, Wifely Sacrifice I had quite a few ladies write to share that they agreed with me but found that actually being focused on obedience and not sacrifice was very hard to flesh out.  Let me say, I agree wholeheartedly!!!! The sacrificial attitude is many times is propelled… Continue Reading

Are We Two or One?

Are We Two or One?

Kate says . . . The Bible tells us that when we leave our parents, and are united with our spouse, we become “one flesh”. (Ephesians 5:31) So we are one, yet there is still clearly two of us in this marriage. How does the one flesh thing work and is it only symbolic? Obviously… Continue Reading

The Energy of I Am!

Brad Says… I hear from men all the time who are looking for ways to change their marriage.  As these men share their stories they start by talking about how much they desire to have a good biblical marriage, how much they love their wife, and how hurt they are when she rejects them.  Then… Continue Reading