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Great Sexual Pleasure

Brad says… In a rare turn of events I’m writing this post to all of the wives… There is a fire that burns inside of every husband. It is a desire that is at least as strong as the desire to have sex with his wife. He may not speak about it often, but he… Continue Reading

Sexy and Confident

10 Day Challenge – Day 6 Brad says… Today’s challenge is all about attitude! Let’s get a few facts straight… Your husband loves you Your husband knows what you look like naked Your husband loves what you look like naked I know that when you look in the mirror you might see areas you want… Continue Reading

Morning Sex

10 Day Challenge – Day 4 Brad says… It is easy to think of sex as something you do at night. Maybe that’s because nighttime is when the world finally slows down long enough for couples to find time to spend together. There is nothing wrong with finding time to connect before falling into a… Continue Reading