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Not Tonight Dear and Other Ways to Say Yes To Sex

Kate says . . .

Every Thursday night we spend the evening with a group of amazing married people at our church going through the re|engage marriage program at our church. I never get tired of going to re|engage. I love to interact with married couples and see couples interacting with each other.

This week before they went off to their small groups, we watched a video from Gary Thomas’s Sacred Marriage series called, Sexual Saints. If you haven’t read this book or seen this series you should find a way to do so. It is greatly insightful and well done. In the video he says, “No matter which spouse it is, the one who wants sex the least has the most power where sex is concerned.”Sleeping toghether

Let me say that again: The spouse who wants sex the least has the most power where sex is concerned.

It is truth. I have lived it as I am sure all marriages have. It goes so well with Brad’s latest post, 12 Ways to Ask for Sex Tonight. How do you respond to your husband when he makes it known to that he desires to share sex with you? No matter what perspective we are coming from, our response . . . well it’s just as important!

A few ways to respond . . .

The Enthusiastic-Ready To Go Wife

If you are feeling excited and ready to go when your hubby makes his desire for sex known, then let him know how ready you are! Let him know verbally as well as any other “creative” ways you can think of. There is nothing like when your spouse is as ready to go as you are. So embrace those moments and thank God for them.

The Could Be Convinced Wife

I know many times I find myself in a place where I could be convinced. Maybe sex wasn’t on the forefront of my mind, but I know how amazing that connection is, so while I wasn’t thinking about it, I’d love to refocus and share that time. This usually means it is not a good time for a quickie. Just sayin. In reality it is unlikely that you will always both be ready at the same time, so get used to the mindset of being able to be convinced.

Needing to be convinced is not a bad thing! Both husbands and wives have times of this throughout our marriage. This is a great time to give to your spouse. Either way, if you are the one giving a bit more, or if you are the one who is being convinced jut stop and focus on each other solely. I don’t know about you, but I think this is exactly how God desired for much of sex to be.

The Dog Tired, Worn Out Wife

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