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Breaking the Addiction: The Real and the Raw

Kate says…

After I wrote, The Addiction in Marriage No One Talks About, many of you contacted or commented asking to know how I surrendered control. I decided to share with you my journey which is very real and raw. This is my journey of giving up control in household stuff, finances, kids, and in the bedroom. It wasn’t a quick journey and this isn’t a short post, but hang with me and see where God might be leading you to break your addiction to control.

These are the ways and the places that God worked through my heart, breaking me so that I could be wholly His and be the wife he desired for me. God deeply cares for each of you as wives and wants to bless you and your hubby, in ways you could never imagine. Nothing we have ever done or will do can separate us from that love. Romans 6:36-39

Household Stuff

Ahh, what a dream it would be to have a super clean house all clutter gone and all chores done. To be honest, I necouple talkingver have had a perfectly clean house. Not even close, really. And yet, I fought the feeling of, “Just let me finish these dishes and laundry and then I’ll spend some time with you!”

In the beginning it was my honest hope and then it became a crutch on which I lived so that I could have control over my house and also not have to face my hubby and his looks of longing and desire. As for cleaning and chores I started to give myself time limits on all house hold stuff, because if I didn’t I would never stop. Continue Reading