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5 Ways to Initiate With Your Husband

Kate says . . .

When I say the word “initiate” what do you think ?

When wives hear the word initiate,  sex is one of the top things that comes to mind, understandably so. And yet, there are so many other ways that we can initiate in our marriage. I believe stepping up and being the initiator in your marriage will not only change your marriage for the good, but it will also bless your hubby like crazy.

Ask and Listen

When your hubby gets home from work, initiate asking him about his day. Regardless of what your hubby does for a living, much of his identity is wrapped up in work and providing for the family. It is a God thing, and even though we may struggle to relate, because God wired us very differently, we can choose to believe God designed our husband that way, for His good purposes. So when your hubby comes home, give him a hug and a kiss and ask him what happened in his day. Make sure you are being an active listener and ask more questions when you can. It is also nice to thank your hubby for all that he does for the family, these conversations give great opportunities to do just that.Young couple, toasting with champagne

Take 15 minutes

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