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One Flesh Marriage Thankful Challenge

Kate says . . .

Calling all wives!

I have been reading Ann Voscamp’s, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. I love this book. Ann shares her wisdom on how God has shown her to live a life of thanks. In Ann’s accompanying One Thousand Gifts Devotional she challenges everyone to daily record things are you are thanking God for. Not just the obvious things, but the small, little miracles we encounter every day. When we do this, when we focus on thanks we are praising God, thanking him, and finding joy in all things. One Thousand Gifts Devotional

“The gift list is thinking upon His goodness-and this, this pleases Him most. And most profits my own soul and I am beginning; only beginning, to know it. If clinging to his goodness (giving thanks) is the highest form of prayer, then this seeing His goodness with a pen (making a list of thanks), with a shutter (camera) with a word of thanks, these really are the most sacred acts conceivable.” Ann Voscamp

As I was reading yesterday while running on my treadmill, God spoke to my heart to not only write down 1,000 thanks as Ann challenges, but to start another journal for 1,000 Marriage thanks. In my life, fall is the busiest time of year with my family, photography and ministry. SO it is not by accident that I picked up this book at this time to read. It is absolutely necessary when life gets busy to be able to stop and remember to be thankful!

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