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Grow Your Marriage- Guaranteed

Brad says… Have you desired to discover that one tip that would magically transform your marriage? This one thing will grow your marriage guaranteed. I would love to say I have discovered the magic marriage quick fix, but there just isn’t anything magical about it. As Kate and I have encountered more and more marriages… Continue Reading

10 Day Challenge – Intimacy Reignited

Congratulations! Brad says… You’ve reached the end of the 10 Day Challenge! We hope that this has been an awesome experience for all of you! Sexual intimacy is one part of what makes a One Flesh marriage as God designed it to be. After the two of you have spent the last 10 days increasing the temperature… Continue Reading

Morning Sex

10 Day Challenge – Day 4 Brad says… It is easy to think of sex as something you do at night. Maybe that’s because nighttime is when the world finally slows down long enough for couples to find time to spend together. There is nothing wrong with finding time to connect before falling into a… Continue Reading

Seesaw With Jesus

Brad says… Do you keep a running list of what you do for your wife and family? Do you have a list of all the things your wife doesn’t do or does wrong? Have you ever stopped doing something you know your wife likes because “she isn’t doing her part”? All of these are symptoms of a 50/50 marriage.… Continue Reading