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Shattered Trust

Kate says . . .

It hurts! Bad. It shatters all that we once knew. Broken, shattered trust. Tears flow, body aches and the soul weeps.

I remember the day in our marriage very clearly when in one evening my eyes were opened and trust was shattered. Where it once encompassed all of me and our relationship, it was now at my feet in broken, mismatched pieces. I had no idea where to start in picking myself along with the pieces back up. When I sought to put them back together, through my tear swollen eyes, it never seem to fit like it used to. The puzzle had changed and me along with it.

People reach out all the time, hurting deeply, asking how they can trust their spouse again when it has been shattered. It is a great questions and oneshattered-trust many marriages deal with on some level, some deal with it in a very real, raw level.

Only Jesus 

In those raw moments when you trust is shattered and you feel as though it broke you as well. When we can’t see through the blur of tears and heart sadness. We can cry out to Jesus. The one person who knows what it is like to feel shattered and broken. Continue Reading

Complete Transparency

Kate says . . . I was thinking that my title would be great for talking about lingerie.  I mean lingerie that is completely transparent is sure to be a hit for your hubby’s.  Since that is a great idea, I will keep that in mind for a future post.  But I was thinking along… Continue Reading

Secrets, Privacy & One Flesh Marriage

Brad says… Have you ever tried to keep a secret from yourself? “I’m going to eat this extra dessert, I just won’t tell myself in the morning!” If only that worked, right! We can not turn off our brains in order to keep something secret from ourselves, but I know many men who regularly turn… Continue Reading

The Traditions of Adam

Brad says… In Kate’s post, “Out of these Ashes” she talked to wives about how their past can create a barrier between them and their husband.  I hope that all of you took time to read that post, because there is a lot in there for both wives and husbands. We all have “past” that were… Continue Reading

So you want the perfect wife?

Brad says… Kate was exactly correct in her post “Destination: Marriage Perfection”, we do not have a perfect marriage.  I’m not sure anyone does.   We all mess up, we all sin, and we are all selfish at times.  If you are looking for a perfect marriage, good luck!  But, on the other hand if you… Continue Reading