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Speak No – Evil

Brad says…

The whistle blows and the day is finally over. Many men shut down their work computer and with it log off the part of their brains. Men are experts at compartmentalizing. We have a “mental box” in our brain for work, for home, for church, for God, for the kids, and for our wife. As we drive home we file away all the stuff of the day. This seemingly normal activity is the first step towards withholding from your wife.

In Kate’s post, “You’re Not Getting Any”, she gave an important warning to wives about not withholding sexual intimacy in order to get what they wanted. I’m sure that many men cheered when reading it. A decade of sitcoms have made it almost normal for wives to withhold sex from their lazy husbands. Guess what guys; our wives are not the only ones who can withhold.Husband not talking to his wife

Most men are guilty of withholding from their wife. We might not withhold physical affection (although some do) yet many are quick to withhold their words, their thoughts, ideas, and yes even feelings. Continue Reading