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My Wall of Shame

Kate says . . .

The sun is beating hot. So intense it is like hitting a wall. The wall, similar to the one I feel in my own life is too hot to approach and tear down. So I keep building the wall, layer after layer to protect myself.

It is a wall I started when I was young. It protects, it shields; and yet the heat still seems to penetrate the layers. I thought I could seal it up and forget it, but it always is there, building in intensity.

Every day I wonder, will this be the day the wall swallows me whole?

The wall is things that have been done to me and choices I have made.

This shame is the reason I hide and only come out in the heat of the day. When no one else will see me, I see to my needs. It was here in that intense heat that I collided with the Living Water.

Even in my shame, even with the wrong done to me and the wrong I have done; His water was different. His water was eternally cooling and it blasted away my wall.

I am the women at the well. My Wall of Shame

I had the amazing opportunity to attend a Women at the Well, 4-day Intensive Workshop, with author and speaker (as well as our dear friend), Shannon Ethridge. She invited 10 women into her home to sift through their sexual and emotional baggage from their past as well as their present. When I say into her home, I mean we sat in her living room, used her bathroom and she even told us to help ourselves to the contents of her fridge and pantry. Crazy and yet so amazing.

Shannon graciously walked the 10 of us through our lives; the things that have happened to us and the choices we have made in life. It was a time of reflection, tears, hugs, joy and freedom. It was an intense (hence the word intensive) 4 days, but we sifted through it together. As 10 women who have things that are keeping us from moving fully forward in life and our marriages (for those of us who were married, there were participants who were not).

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