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Delete the D Word

Brad says…

There is one word that does more harm to marriages than almost any other word in the dictionary, and yet I hear couples throwing it out over and over again. They shout it at the top of their lungs. They say it up while throwing their hands up in the air. They whisper it under their breath. They say it casually or critically. No matter how it is said this one single word has the power to tear, to wound and even to stop people in their tracks.

This one powerful word is DIVORCE, and I believe that it is one word every couple must eliminate from their vocabulary! I’m not talking about doing the action; I’m talking about the repeated threats “Fine we’ll get a divorce!” the defeated sighs “I guess we’ll just be divorced then” and the constant accusation, “I guess you just want a divorce.”coeur brisé

A Great Big Highlighter

Before we can stop people using this word we have to understand how it crept into our conversations in the first place. Often the person throwing around this word doesn’t really want the end of the relationship to happen. They are not actually looking to bring about the action; they are using this word as a great big yellow argument highlighter.

Remember back years ago when you were in high school and studying for some difficult test. You would read endless pages of material and try to highlight the important parts. You used a highlighter to make the important things jump off the page. Continue Reading