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Marriage Renovation

Brad says…

Over the past 6 months we sold our home, rented a townhouse, bought a new home and moved twice. On top of all that I resigned my position as the Executive Director of Family Resource & Counseling Centers and took a new job as the Director of Small Groups and Marriage Ministry at Worship Center.

To say the least there has been tremendous changes in our lives. Over that time I’ve learned a few very important marriage lessons.


The new house we bought was a 1950’s fixer upper. I know there are some guys out there that seem to be able to build and fix anything; I am not one of them. I was not born with the handyman gene. Our home prior to this was brand new, so it didn’t really need much work.screwdriver

The list of projects for this house was long: plumbing, electrical, framing, drywall, and redoing our whole kitchen. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, I asked friends for help, and tackled each project one at a time. It seemed daunting, it was exhausting but after all the work is done it is very satisfying!

There is something to be said about working on your own home. It is rewarding, and gives a great sense of accomplishment.

Marriage Point:

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The Great Pull: Work and Marriage

Brad says… Response to Kate’s “The Marriage Blah’s” I wanted to focus on one point from Kate’s great post that I think is a specific difficulty for husbands. It is the time tug of war that pulls us in different directions and toward different priorities and if not defeated will  lead to the marriage blah’s.… Continue Reading