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Marrying Young

Kate says . . .

We started dating when I was 16 and Brad was 17. We went to different colleges and finally got married 6 years later at our parent’s request to finish college first. We were married at ages 21 and 23. We married young. We were kids and we have the pictures that prove it.brad and Kate marry young

I don’t regret it one bit. There are benefits to marrying young that I believe our society has left behind. I realize that not everyone meets the person they feel they are to spend their life with, while they are young and there is nothing they can do about that. You should not just marry someone while you are young because you can. On the other hand believing you need to wait until you are established (not sure what everyone means by that) and in your 30’s to marry does not have to be a trend. So what exactly are the benefits to marrying young?

We Grew Up Together

I know many people say this, but it is true. I have done as much growing up with Brad next to me as I did with my siblings. Even more in many areas of my life. We have learned so much about life, love, people, hurt, lose, grace and God’s amazing love for his people. We experienced much of our adolescents and all of our adulthood together. It has been an amazing, confusing journey. It has refined us and revealed much about who we are. Even though our story wasn’t easy in the beginning, growing up together has been a precious opportunity I am so thankful we did not miss. I hope our kids have the same opportunity that we did. Continue Reading