Welcome to One Flesh Marriage

Welcome to the One Flesh Marriage Ministries!

This blog is part of a growing ministry to with the goal of helping Christian couples realize the possibility of living in One Flesh with their spouse as described in Ephesians 5.

This ministry started simply because we feel God has taught us tremendous lessons about how He originally designed marriage. We have been blessed to have reached an amazing, awe-inspiring, beyond belief, miraculous place in our marriage that we have repeatedly started to ask ourselves questions like: “How did we get here?”, “Why didn’t we get here before now?” and “How do we tell anyone else where “here” is?” 

These conversations led us to feel the Holy Spirit tugging on our hearts to share what we have learned. To learn more about our journey check out Our Story.

We hope that you will find the posts in our blog to be interesting, thought-provoking, challenging, encouraging, and conversation starting.

We have a unique format, where one of us will start a topic and then the other will respond with another perspective. Included in these pages will be posts directed to both husbands and wives. Feel free to read both; sometimes we are surprised how different we see the same topic. Read the post directed to you to learn some things to challenge yourself, and then read the other post to get a better idea where your spouse is coming from too!

Marriage is a journey that requires investment. Yet when you experience the one flesh union of Ephesians 5, it is beautiful, awe-inspiring and life changing. We hope to share what God has been teaching us and hopefully allow it to inspire others. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have.

If you are looking for information on a specific topic, visit our search page where you will find easy access to our archive of over 400 posts covering a variety of subjects.

If you have other questions, thoughts, comments, or concerns we invite you to contact us, just fill out the form below! We would love to hear from you!