The 10-Day Challenge

We challenged readers to turn the heat up in their marriages by taking the One Flesh Marriage 10-Day Challenge.  While we started this back on November 1, 2010 there is no reason you can’t hold your own 10 days any time!   In order to help you in kick off your own 10 days we have collected all 15 posts associated with the 10-Day Challenge here.   Feel free to read them all in one shot, or read along for planning, encouragement, celebration, and reflection as your 10 days are going along!


The 10-Day Challenge

What is it and 10 great reasons why you and your spouse should take the 10-Day Challenge!


10 Amazing Nights! Or Days! or Afternoons!

Kate’s encouragement to wives to take the challenge!  A must read for all women who are going to give it a try!


10 Day Challenge Preparation:

Tip #1 :  Prayer

Tip #2:   Spruce up your bedroom

Tip #3:   Get ready for hump day

Tip #4:   Whatcha Wearing?

Tip #5:   Communication is the Key…


10 Day Challenge Encouragement:

Today is the Day Challenge On!!


Climb the palm tree and take hold of its fruit

Encouragement for husbands and reflections on intimacy in the Song of Solomon


I delight to sit in his shade, and his fruit is sweet to my taste

Encouragement for wives and reflections on intimacy in the Song of Solomon


The Case of the Extra Time

Encouragement for husbands to keep the challenge alive!


Screw the Housework

A great discussion of priorities!


Whatcha Wearing . . . To Bed??

A Challenge to consider bedroom attire and intimacy!


Wrap Up and Reflection:

Finish Line

Lessons learned and discussion starter for couples after the 10-Day Challenge


Negatives of the 10-Day Challenge ??!?!?!

last word for those who did the challenge and those who wish they had



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