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Kate and I have enjoyed reading some very excellent post on several different sites recently. We decided to run another edition of “Love Links” to pass along some great posts to uplift your marriage. We hope you enjoy them!

The Romantic Vineyard:
Water into Wine: Proverbs 13
A great post about the importance of friends. Must read and discuss post for you and your spouse together!

The Generous Husband:
She’s not your mom- the other problem
Guy’s this one’s for you.  This is a MUST read for every husband! It should be required reading for every man before he gets married too!

Intimacy in Marriage:
Why It’s Okay If You Forget Most of the Times You Have Sex
A good look at why a regular and healthy sex life does not always need to be monumental every time!

Journey to Surrender:
The Thoughts In My Head
Scott shares openly about conflict resolution in his own marriage.  Great Post!

Miscarriage: The subject that never get’s brought up.
A powerful post by a new marriage blogger.  Worth a look especially if you are a husband who has experienced this tragedy or know someone who has.

Generous Wife:
Sex in the Balance
The generous wife shares why the issue of sex in marriage is so talked about.  Great thoughts on a health sex life in balance!

A Grown Up Marriage:
Dealing with Our Negative Emotions
A good look at how to deal with our own emotions so they don’t boil over inappropriately into our marriage.

We will be back with another post soon, and stay tuned there are some exciting changes coming to the One Flesh Marriage site!

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