Sex on the Treadmill

Kate says . . .

No, no that’s not what I meant, not actually on the treadmill -youch!  That would be painful in places I do not want to imagine.

Actually, I was running on the treadmill recently and was thinking about how easy it is to get out of the routine of exercising. I don’t know about you, but I have LOTS of other things I would rather be doing then running. There is also the list of things I really need to do like feed the kids, laundry, clean, etc that vie for my time. As a result exercising falls low on the list, because it is not literally screaming at me. Then I find it has been two weeks or perhaps a month and no exercise. At this point it’s just downright hard to get myself back on the wagon again! Anybody else feel that way?
As I was running and thinking, I realized sex has the same challenge. I know, I know I am a bit odd that way! Running and thinking about sex, but what can I say!

When life’s demands take our time elsewhere and we allow it to do so, sex can get put way down on our list. Then its been two weeks or perhaps a month without that special time and connection sex brings.  Like exercising, it can become hard to find motivation to get back in the “mood”. There are emotional, chemical and physical reasons this is true.

Prioritizing and growing your intimate one flesh connection is so important.

When I allow weeks to go by without getting on the treadmill, I notice it in so many places. You know what I am talking about, right ladies. Hmm like in my energy level and my clothing! When I allow weeks to go by without sex, I notice it in many places as well. I find myself, grouchy, easily irritable with my hubby and much less willing to extend grace and be his helper. The connection and feeling of oneness that sex brings is a completely amazing, wonderful, mystery! In its absence, I simply feel less connected to my hubby.

The Reality

Try your hardest not to let even a week go without making time for sex with your hubby. This works for both the treadmill and sex . . . keep it high on your priority list and don’t allow other things to take the time away from it. I have reminded myself many times that 35 minutes on the treadmill is time I am taking care of myself. For God, for my hubby, for myself, for my kids and so on.

Making time for sex, is time we are taking care of our one flesh connection! We are nurturing our marriage and each other and the harvest is rich!


So I’m not sure if my crazy bunny trail on the treadmill is motivation to keep making sex a priority . . . but I hope so.  If all else fails, I suppose you could give sex on the treadmill a try . . . just would not advice trying while it is on!

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12 Responses to Sex on the Treadmill

  1. Haha! The visual of this post is hilarious. I can hardly take the treadmill alone, much less adding hubby in a very awkward position. I don’t think I’ll ever get on the treadmill without thinking of this post. That’s the sign of an excellent one, you know?! Great job, Kate.

    • Hi Debi! Thanks for the encouragement! The treadmill will never be the same-lol! 🙂 Blessings to you dear friend! Kate

  2. You are so cute!!

    But I love the analogies – we definitely do need to prioritize sex and exercise or we will feel it in many places – and so will our husbands and children! So true about the grouchiness and lack of grace. Great post!!!

    • Hey J! Thanks for stopping by! Loved your post on intimate locations and yes you could add the treadmill. I appreciate your encouragement! You are a blessing to so many, including us! Blessings, Kate

  3. Good suggestion. Some people may get frustrated and discouraged by the analogy to exercise. Shouldn’t sex be fun? Something I WANT to do?

    But even repetetive sex done only out of habit and persistence can be way better than nothing. And sometimes it’s even surprisingly fun and creative.

    • Hi Strong Man, THanks for writing and sharing. I see where you are coming from, but that is not the angle I was going for at all. And really, exercise should be fun! If we kept our bodies where they should be, it would be fun and fairly easy. I think sex is the same. So hopefully everyone reading will catch my meaning! But I appreciate you sharing, truly! Blessings, Kate

  4. Wow, I have to say I love this comparsion of sex to exercise. I have to say it is very true, I myself have felt he same way.