10 Confessions of A Marriage Blogging Husband

Brad says…

Who is this man behind the keyboard? People seem to think that either I am a perfect husband, or somehow I’m just making it all up. Since my beautiful wife opened Pandora’s box with her post, 10 Confessions of a Marriage Blogging Wife, I figured I needed to follow suit, and set the record straight with my own 10 Confessions.Who Am I

1. I Don’t Have it All Figured Out

I’m not sure this is really a confession. I hope that everyone knows I don’t have this thing called marriage all figured out. Frankly, if anyone tells you that they do I suggest you find another source for of information. Marriage is a difficult and mysterious journey but it is the best journey you will ever take, and the rewards are priceless! I’m still learning and I hope that you are too!

2. Heal Thyself

Often what finds its way onto the blog are topics that I’ve been discovering and working on in my own life. Frankly, I think some of my best posts are ones that came directly from lessons that God has been teaching me.

3. My English Teacher Would Never Believe It

I am guessing that it is no big surprise to anyone who reads One Flesh Marriage regularly that I am not an expert at grammar or spelling. I struggled in every English class I was ever in. The only way this is possible is God’s providence and some peer editing from my wonderful wife.

4. I Have a Love Hate Relationship with the Website

Part of blogging is maintaining the website. I enjoy this most of the time, and can really get lost in designing, tweaking, and updating our site. This is the fun part. However, every once in a while something goes wrong and I just want to pull my hair out. Websites can be temperamental and technical, and while I have made an effort to learn the basics of HTML some of the in-depth tech stuff drives me crazy.

5. I Watch Stats with Disbelief

When we started this blog we really thought that we would be writing for a few friends and family members. We never anticipated the response that One Flesh Marriage has received. When I stop and look at our statistics, the number of visitors and subscribers that follow us I am amazed and humbled. We are really honored by all of you and thank God for allowing us to minister in this way!

6. Time Time Time

Kate and I frequently write about how important it is to find time together. Earlier this year we decided we needed to do better living that out. Last year it was our goal to write 4 posts a week between the two of us. This year, with the addition of a marriage ministry we are leading at our church we have cut back to two posts a week. We would love to write more, but the marriage behind the ministry is too important to neglect.

7. I preach how great sex is,
but I’m nervous about talking to my sons about it

I believe that one of the best arguments about waiting for sex until marriage is simply telling young people how awesome sex in marriage actually is. I want to have an open dialogue with my boys about the world’s views on sex and about how they can and will wrestle with purity. I really desire this relationship with them, but getting there is difficult. Pray for me, I’ll be talking to our 9-year-old much more in-depth shortly.

8. I’m a Reformed TV Addict

“Hello my name is Brad and I’m a TV addict. It has been 3 years since I was last addicted to TV”

I’m only 1/2 joking. I was a huge TV addict. Drama’s, comedy’s, reality TV, or news programs; it didn’t really matter I watched them all. When I finally admitted that TV was coming between me and my wife, I started to slowly dwindle down the shows I watched. I wish I could say that I went cold turkey, but I didn’t I just couldn’t get away from knowing who won Survivor or watching the next CSI. Finally, after way too long I turned it off all together. I still don’t have a clue what happened at the end of Lost. Guess what, I don’t miss it. I love the time that I am able to spend with Kate way more!

9. I Wish

One of our Facebook followers asked me, “What do you wish you had more time to do?” Honestly that one is pretty easy. I wish I had more time to do marriage ministry. I love being able to share the God’s love with others by being able to encourage them to be on a one flesh journey with their spouse. I would love to be able to write more, both here and even develop this into a OFM book. (maybe someday).

10. I Wish part 2

The second part of the question was “what do you wish you had more money to do?” Simple, I would take my wife back to Jamaica were we spent an amazing honeymoon 14 years ago! Anyone want to send us? 🙂

So there you have it. The guy behind the keyboard. If you have any other questions about me ask them in the comments!

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8 Responses to 10 Confessions of A Marriage Blogging Husband

  1. Love this, Brad! I completely relate to your love-hate relationship with the website. Every now and then, I spend way too much time fixing something on my site.

    We were also nervous about talking to our kids about sex. That first conversation was a little stomach-wrenching, but it gets easier and now my kids know to ask us (instead of their oft-misinformed friends) about all that stuff. And we get to give them God’s scoop on it all. But am I still nervous at times? Yeah, I am. I think that’s natural.

    Thanks for all you do here on OFM! What a blessing you are.

    • Thank you J! We appreciate you so very much too!

      I have talked with our oldest son about all of the “names” and “where baby’s come from” questions already. The part I have to do in the coming weeks is connecting the dots. I know it will be fine, but I feel I’m on such careful ground because I want to communicate to very important ideas. 1. Sex is GREAT! and 2. Wait!

      I know these are not opposite ideas, I just want to help him know that too! Telling him that God wants him to wait to have something “fun” in order for it to be “great” later is a difficult lesson.

  2. Thanks for your honest sharing. Particularly encouraged by no 8. It can be done. I confess after 16 of 17 years praying for less tv or none my patience has dwindled. I feel refreshed to increase it.
    I agree to about sharing with kids. Done 2 of 5 quite well and still dreading the 3rd!

  3. My husband and I used to be TV-watching junkies, and we still enjoy watching TV together but not in the traditional sense. We have TV series’ that we work through on disc or Netflix. We probably watch on average 3-4 45-minute episodes a week, and a movie on weekends. It’s one of the ways we both unwind and de-stress. We also love the cuddling part. Sometimes too we have great discussions about a particular issue that came up in an episode/movie, and I wish that happened more often. However, I’m sure once we have kids, the watching shows thing will dwindle down drastically.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hannah,
      The thing that makes that as time together and not separation is that you do it together and even talk about it. However even saying that is a challenge because I used to say that Kate and I watched TV together, but the reality was I was watching it while she was next to me on the sofa. It wasn’t what she wanted to be doing and we weren’t interacting. Can it be, yes. Is it often? No.

      Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Brad!

    Like you I’m a bit nervous about talking with my daughters about sex. I want them to know how wonderful it is in the context of marriage, but we didn’t want to lie to them about how my wife and I got together. We were both 18 and virgins. I knew marriage was for me so I didn’t waste time proposing and we were married shortly thereafter. A lot of people didn’t think we would make it this far, but almost 20 years later and with two girls aged 14 and 12… I wouldn’t change a thing!

    As far as websites go… I might have the opposite situation. I am very good at creating and maintaining a great looking website… but I struggle with writing consistently. I’ll write 3 blog posts in a week and then nothing for a month or two. That has cost me dearly.