7 Reasons Marriage Rocks

Brad says,

Kate’s post, 7 Reasons I Love Being Married added to the list of people stepping forward to shout to the hilltops why marriage is awesome! Our culture often has a mindset that marriage will be good for the first few years, but after you leave the honeymoon phase that blah is just normal.

Well, I want to add my voice and shout out 7 reasons why my marriage rocks. I also want to challenge all of you, if you can’t make this list then figure out what you need to do to allow your marriage to grow till you can join the chorus too. Marriage wasn’t designed to be blah, it is designed to rock!

1. Marriage fills in the gaps

Kate excels in many areas where I am totally weak. I won’t use any cheese ball lines like “she completes me” because honestly no one but Jesus can complete me. However, I am constantly amazed at how Kate seems to fill in and excel in all of the places where I don’t do very well!lp-2014valentines-mdesign

2. Marriage is my shield

I don’t care who you are, this world is littered with temptation. Opportunities for our eyes and minds to stray are all over the place. I know that my strong relationship with Kate is a shield to many temptations even approaching my vision. My friends and colleagues will tell you that I frequently am talking about Kate. I do this because she is important to me and frequently on my mind, but also because I want to let everyone else know how much I love this woman! Without that shield I don’t even want to think about the temptations that would enter my world.

3. Marriage is my exit ramp

Even with my shield up, temptations still happen. As I talked about in, God’s Exit Ramp our faithful Father always offers us an opportunity to “exit” when those temptations come our way. Sometimes my “exit ramp” is simply thinking about the very real and exciting things I’m going to get to do when I get home. Yes, that is right lusting* after my wife keeps me from running down other paths that I don’t want to even consider.

4. Marriage is my mirror

I can be a very selfish person. I think most of us can at times. The only time I can really catch myself in the act, is when I stop and look at my actions through Kate’s eyes. When I see how my laying on the couch, or ignoring responsibilities is impacting our marriage I’m convicted. Without that mirror I would live much more selfishly.

5. Marriage is my therapy

Walking through life is dangerous. We can and will get hurt. Any ol’ fool can deal with sticks and stones, but words sometimes can set us off in lots of unhealthy ways. If I don’t have someone to bounce things off of, talk through, and reevaluate then I can go a little nuts. I need Kate’s patient ear and sound advice to be able to function well. There are a lot of relationships that I have today, because Kate has kept me grounded when things got tough.

6. Marriage is my idea generator

We don’t talk too frequently about intellectual intimacy but one of the things that helps me to feel alive, and feel like a man is when I’m learning something. I enjoy learning, but I’ve discovered what I really enjoy is when I get to talk through and bounce these new things around with Kate. There is just something about sharing all that I am learning with Kate that really helps the ideas, plans, and goals all come together.

7. Marriage is my fun

I love spending time with Kate. I love relaxing together, I love learning together, and I love making love together… Overall I just love our time together. She is the most fun thing in my life. Sure there are other things that I do that are fun, but if you asked me to plan to do something fun; I can guarantee that it would involve Kate.

Bonus: Marriage allows me to be the man God designed me to be

God is so good, he knew that I would not live up to one tenth of the plans he designed for me unless I had someone here on earth to continually encourage, challenge, remind, and love me in the direction that I want to go. Every one of these 7 things is just one of the ways that Kate helps me to be the man I want to be, and that God designed me to be!

I hope that you can also quickly list of 7 reasons you love being married! Think about telling your wife what some of them are! Send her an email today with your reasons! And maybe consider sharing a few in the comments below.

*I’m using the word lusting for effect, since lust is the sinful desire of something that you can’t have, then you cannot actually “lust” after your wife. You can and should strongly desire her and think after her in those moments”

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  1. I also want to shout out to the hilltops that my husband and I rock each other’s world! Great post!