Wife’s Gift Guide to Knock Your Hubby’s Socks Off! 2014 Edition

Kate says . . .Christmas Gift Guide for Men

It’s that time of year when we get to spend time with family and friends and eat lots of yummy food and treats. As we focus on celebrating our Savior’s birth, we also have the unique opportunity to celebrate Christmas with your hubby, and at the same time to love on him in a special way. Here is this year’s Christmas gift guide that will knock your man’s socks off and just bless him too!

Laugh Together

It has been said that laughter is the best medicine. I agree! There is nothing quite like when Brad and I start laughing about something and then we just can’t stop. Sometimes you laugh so hard it hurts physically, but you feel so good emotionally. Laughter even leaves you feeling connected.

What are things you two love to do that bring you laughter and joy? Think on it this year and find a way to bring laughter to your holidays. Perhaps it’s one of your favorite funny movies or taking a trip down memory lane. One of our favorite things to do is to watch our family favorite comedian, Tim Hawkins. He is so real and just makes you laugh. His Greatest Hits & Greatest Bits DVD is fantastic, or you could go see him in person. It’s sure to bring tears to your eyes-but totally in a fun way!

Get Rid of Those Distractions

What is the one thing many people look even more than their spouse? Their cell phone! We as wives can be just as guilty. Lock those babies up during the time you two have together. I’m not kidding, actually lock them up! This Cell Lock-Up is a fun way to stop those habits that can truly inhibit your marriage and intimacy. You can even make it a game, when the cell phones are locked up, anything is on the table. Not saying that you have to be on a table, mind you. A bed will do just fine. 😉

Foreplay is ALL Day

It is easy to go about your day and not think about your hubby much until you are both home again. It happens to all of us especially when life’s demands try to overtake us. Be intentional about finding ways to have foreplay with your husband all day. How you might ask? Leaving him notes to find, in a pocket, wallet or lunch bag. Just make sure it is a place where no one else will find it first. struggling to come up with them on your own? Check out Love Notes: 100 Ways to Get Kisses, Cuddles and Some Really Great Sex, a little book of tear out love notes all ready for your use.

Text him a message that is flirty and fun. Worried about texting the wrong person? If you have a smartphone, the Avocado – Chat For Couples or Couple – Relationship App for Two apps are great for keeping everything private between the two of you. If none of those appeal to you, there is the age-old custom of calling your hubby. Flirt with that man of yours. Share how you desire him, love him and can’t wait until he is home! Remember foreplay is all day!

With this Ring

Is your hubby one of the many who cannot wear his wedding ring for various reasons? I hear this from many wives who wish their husband could, but he simply can’t. There might be a way he still can! If your husband (and you) are ok with tattoos, you can get a wedding ring, name or initials tattooed on their ring finger. If that is not something that you would want to do or appeals to you, there is this cool ring that is made of black silicone, Flexible High Performance Men’s Wedding Band. Definitely a neat possibility for a hubby who can’t wear a regular ring.

One Thing New

What is one new way you can bless your hubby in the bedroom? Think about who he is and what he likes. Would it be a new piece of lingerie and if so, what are his specific favorites? Trying something new or a little different from the usual could be a position or location change. You know what your husband likes where sex is concerned. Even if you don’t know everything, I think you can focus on one thing that would make him smile and totally knock his socks off! 🙂

Focus on his Senses

Sounds – What sounds does your husband love from you? Is if your voice, singing perhaps. Your voice when you whisper in his ear? Your sighs as he touches you? Your praise when you tell him how proud you are of him, for how hard he works for your family? What sounds bless your man? Think on it and focus on those.

Touch – Where and when does your hubby liked to be touched? I don’t mean only in a sexual way, though that is a good thing to know as well. Does he like Massages? If so, where (back, temples, hands, feet)? Find a way in this busy season to touch him in ways that he enjoys and makes him feel loved every day.

Taste – What tastes does your hubby love? Is it things you cook for him? Your kisses? Explore, find out and bless him. (The Bacon Lovers Gift Crate anyone?)

Smell – What smells do you know your hubby likes? Is there a certain perfume? How about your hair products? Is there a certain scent he likes that you can use in your bedroom, to freshen up the air? Think of things that will remind him of you, things he has mentioned before.

Sight – Your man is visual. He likes to see you in his vision. Probably with as little as possible on. Give him what he desires . . . you naked or in something sexy. Even when dressed this holiday season, dress for him and what he likes. (A great site to pick out lingerie without dying of embarrassment is Husband & Wife)

Grow Your Understanding of God’s Design For Sex

It is not always easy to understand God’s design and desire for sex, but when we step out and seek God on sex, He will speak to our hearts. Our friend, J of Hot Holy and Humorous is just about to release her newest book and it is going to be fantastic. How do I know? Because J is fantastic and how she shares about sex and marriage is truly a gem. Her new book Intimacy Revealed: 52 Devotions to Enhance Sex in Marriage  gives Christian wives weekly devotions that shed light on God’s gift of marital sex. This might be a book for you, but I promise he would appreciate you getting him this gift!

Personalize it and Bless Him

In all of my ideas, I challenge you to think about your hubby. That hot man you married and love. Personalize all that you do and tailor it to fit him. Every year the idea is two things, to bless your hubby and to keep sex and intimacy at the forefront of your mind throughout the busy holidays. Know that I am thinking of you as you seek to do just that and I will too. I hope your hubby has so many “sock knocking off” experiences, that socks are top on his list for Christmas this year.

Still looking for ideas? Check out our previous One Flesh Marriage Christmas Gift Guides! Have you found the perfect gift? By all means share in the comments! We can all use some great ideas!

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